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3 Easy Valentine's Activities To Do At Home

Blog by Jessica Counti, an undergraduate social science student at the University of Western Ontario. 

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love. No matter who you’re spending this day with, here are three great ways to participate in the fesitivites this year.

1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Friends & Family

Cards are a great and sentimental way to express your love and appreciation to people in your life. Why not send them a card this holiday season? Especially during these difficult times, I’m sure those receiving a card this year will be extra special! There are limitless ways to design your card -- whether it’s looking to Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. So get out the markers, glue, paper, paint, stickers… whatever you want to make your card special. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, and nothing is better than receiving a personalized homemade card!

2. Make a Valentine’s Day Dessert

Another fun, not to mention delicious activity is baking. Once again, Pinterest and Instagram always boast a lot of interesting and creative ideas, so it would be worth checking out if you have an account. However, there are plenty of other resources if you don’t use social media. Check out some of Food Network’s Valentine’s Day recipes here. Or, if 50 recipes aren’t enough, here are 70+ more offered by Delish! This is also a great way to spend time with those in your household, because who doesn’t enjoy preparing a delicious treat? Or, if you don’t favour desserts, perhaps you could treat yourself and/or your household to a lovely homemade meal.

3. Make Valentine’s Crafts & Decorations

Another fun and creative idea is crafting. Outside of card making, there are lots of fun crafts to make, from Valentine’s decorations to crafts. Perhaps you want to make a treat bag for the Valentine’s treats you’ve prepared! Check out Yay Day Paper Co., which not only offers a treat bag tutorial, but it also offers tutorials on making stickers, labels, cards, and more for Valentine’s or for fun! Or, for more Valentine's-specific crafts and decor, Good Housekeeping also has plenty of different ideas. Another great resource, especially if you are looking for a tutorial is to look through Youtube. As Youtube tutorials are becoming more and more popular for people wishing to learn a new skill, there are many tutorials for Valentine’s Day crafts, ranging from quick to more complex projects. 

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, there’s no shortage of ideas, and plenty of ways to make it just as special. There is no right way to celebrate, so let your imagination go wild!