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3 Reasons to Support Local, Ontario Made, and Small

The pandemic has been a difficult period for local businesses. If there was ever a time to support fellow local entrepreneurs and their businesses it’s now

According to Sheri Evans, the local development manager at Sobeys’, approximately 1 in 6 Candians support and purchase from local businesses. This is an encouraging trend, one that will hopefully continue to increase, and demonstrates that there is so much more potential for people to step in and help grow this trend.

Why Should You Support Local Businesses? 

In-person or online, there are so many ways to engage with local businesses. Whether we realize it or not, there are so many around us, from the local bakery or deli to the convenience store or ice cream shop. It is important to realize how much these businesses help to support our community, and fulfill our demands, which is why, more than ever, we need to show the same amount of support back. Here are 3 significant reasons as to why we should support local, ontario made and small more:

1. Local Businesses Support The Larger Community

Local businesses are the backbones of many communities, and have a substantial impact on those in and around the community. That is why it is crucial to support these businesses -- because in fact, they may be helping to support other local activities as well. Ever notice how kids’ soccer teams were often sponsored? And better yet, often sponsored by local businesses? Local businesses can play a big role in helping to support local organizations such as sports teams, clubs, and committees, through means such as sponsorship. This makes it all the more important to show them your support, since they may be helping to provide or maintain local amenities.

2. Local Businesses Support The Canadian Economy & Job Market

As well, supporting local businesses can help support the local Canadian economy and job force. Especially during a pandemic, when it has been a difficult period for businesses, supporting small and local businesses has become even more important. The more demand there is for a product or service, the more people are needed to help make it happen -- so more job opportunities arise! As well, when we invest in our local businesses, we invest in our own communities, and help make the community not only a better place to live, but attract others to the community as well.


3. Shopping Local Can Help The Environment

You read that right! Purchasing products locally, whether it is freshly grown food or a hand-crafted product, in turn would help to lower transportation and fuel emissions. So if you’re looking for another reason to buy local, think green!

How Can You Support Local Businesses?

With many businesses moving online, browsing the web and social media is a great way to find amazing local businesses in and around your area. There are local businesses that supply anything and everything these days, from beautiful jewelry, freshly-picked foods, handmade crafts, or local services. Support small businesses by exploring them on social media, and/or because you never know what cool local treasures you may discover! 

A lot of local businesses have also accommodated their operations to suit the restrictions of the pandemic -- some may offer shipping or curb-side pick-up, so be sure to explore your options the next time you go shopping!

I encourage you to support small in and around your community, as I can assure you, it will be greatly appreciated on both ends!