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Isabella Greco - #GoGetterSpotlight

Welcome to the #GoGetterMovement! This blog spotlights a natural entrepreneur, Isabella Greco, Founder of Bella Lash & Beauty. Have a read as she talks about her entrepreneurial journey to date:
"Through my experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a complicated journey filled with many ups and downs. Starting from when I was eight years old, I opened my first business selling handmade clay key chains and bracelets. I loved the idea of making other people happy through my creativityFrom there, I started many other businesses, most notably my cheerleading bow company. When I was 14 years old, I found a passion in beauty and aesthetics, which motivated me to consider it as a business venture. I taught myself how to apply makeup on myself and others, which allowed me to start my journey into beauty and cosmetics. My target audience was young women wanting to get their makeup done for events, such as prom and graduation. I began to realize that people were paying me for more a makeover. Beauty services bring individuals happiness and confidence, which in my opinion is pricelessI wanted to further expand my repertoire of beauty skills when I noticed that eyelash extensions were becoming very popular. At 16 years old, I enrolled myself into beauty college to become a Certified Eyelash Technician. I was extremely intimidated by the beauty school as I was the youngest of my classmates, who were all certified aestheticians. By practicing on family members, I was able to pick up the skills very quickly. I fell in love with servicing eyelash extensions. The joyful look of a clients face after applying eyelash extensions brought me incredible satisfaction. Two and a half years later, I am currently a 4x Certified Eyelash Technician and a student at The University of Western OntarioI’ve learned countless lessons being a young entrepreneur and devote this valuable knowledge into Bella Lash & Beauty’s Accelerated Eyelash Master Program. With the hope of extending my passion for beauty and aesthetics to others, I am teaching individuals to become certified eyelash technicians themselves as the eyelash industry continues to growMy journey as an entrepreneur continues as I create innovative services, programs and products with passion to strive for excellence in the beauty industry! " 

- Isabella Greco 

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