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#GoGetter Who Makes Customers Feel Beautiful On A Budget

Interview transcribed by Jessica Counti, an undergraduate social science student at the University of Western Ontario.

Shindy Gu, an entrepreneur and student at Ryerson University, is the proud owner of “Shindy’s Ice Shop”. Started over a year ago, the shop sells beautiful pieces of jewellery, catering to a variety of different styles and preferences. With earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more, her main mission is to provide her customers with products that will make them feel special and beautiful without breaking the bank. From colourful to neutral designs, her business has got it all, bringing customers the latest and greatest designs in jewelry!

Shindy is a prime example of a go-getter, someone who works hard and inspires others in the community. It takes a lot of dedication, strength, and grit to achieve the kind of success Shindy has seen in her business over the duration of its operations. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with her and learn more about her journey as an entrepreneur, and the inspiration for her business. 

Shindy first told me about the things that inspired her to begin creating her brand and selling jewelry. Shindy was inspired by her own family’s jewelry business and she initially started it as a way to help out her family and pay for school. As her business began to grow and become more popular, she says that she realized that this was a great way for her to make her mark in the community and do something amazing with her business.

However, every entrepreneur is bound to face challenges from time to time, and Shindy’s experience was no different. As a business owner, she shared that sometimes it can be a challenge dealing with customers who are negative and seek to make trouble. But Shindy always remains professional, demonstrating what differentiates her from other entrepreneurs through her strength and determination to satisfy customers. Shindy says, “It’s just a way to test who you are as a business owner and the way you want people to remember you and see you as”. Sometimes people will try to knock you down when putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur … which is why, like Shindy, you must have resilience to keep going.

What is her advice to young entrepreneurs who wish to pursue a business? One thing she strongly advises is just having the courage to go for it, and to see how things go. “You have to start at your own pace and just have fun with it”.  Bottom line is that you can’t succeed if you don’t try and keep trying even when there are setbacks.

Finally, I asked Shindy which moment in particular is she most proud of as she looks back over her time as an entrepreneur. Shindy said one thing she values is the positive feedback from her customers. She enjoys hearing how customers enjoy their products, and how they have gone on further to tell their friends and family about it, and as she stated: “that just means that I’m doing a good job as a business owner”. 

On a day to day basis, entrepreneurs have to work very hard to achieve their goals. But Shindy and her business have proved that many positives can come from having the courage and initiative to become an entrepreneur. 

Learning about Shindy and her business has been a true delight, so I encourage you to check out her amazing company! And for all those who aspire to be as successful as Shindy, keep this  last piece of advice from her in mind: “There are going to be a lot of trials and errors, but you know what? No business is perfect. And that's how you become better”.

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