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Rupinder Kainth - #GoGetterSpotlight

Welcome to the #GoGetterMovement! This blog spotlights a creator of art across all mediums, Rupinder Kainth, the founder of PrestigiousCreativity. Read on as she shares how she uses her platform to break societal norms, and simply create what makes her happy.

“I started my art journey in grade eight when I used art as escape from reality, which now has led to me to having this amazing hobby, which may turn into something more than just a hobby. I started an Instagram account all the way in 2016. At first it was hard to manage my account because I felt like, I couldn’t post every day and I would be annoying people with my content. Once I realized that this is whatever I want it to be, I started to become more consistent with posting. Today, I could care less what anyone thinks. I love to post whatever I want, if anyone finds my content annoying, they can always unfollow and if someone enjoys my content that’s amazing! As I created this account, I went from creating art that was related to the media, musicians, movies etc. then gradually went into finding my own style. This led me to value authenticity, and now I always put my own twist on anything I create.

When it comes down to what inspires me it’s really my previous work and small little details, I pay attention to in my everyday life. One thing that inspires me the most is just the fact that life is too short and it’s never too late to start doing something you love. We all talk about manifesting but taking the small steps towards achieving something you really want is key. We can’t just be thinking to do something but take no action - that’s a one-sided manifestation situation. I believe in taking small steps every day, something that my future self will value. My mantra will always be that patience is everything, and time will tell everything.

Everyone’s artistic goals and desires are different all around, but honestly stay authentic to yourself please, please, please. There’s no way to enjoy art if you’re trying to follow someone else’s style. Sometimes it feels like people might not like your work, for what it is but I promise you the appreciation for creating authentic work will never go unnoticed. When you want to get started on posting your artwork, always start with Instagram, and post as much as you want, don’t shy away from hashtags or tagging people because someone will definitely find your work interesting. Although there are other social platforms Instagram has the visual feature that is very appealing, and you can always promote your Instagram handle on all your personal social platforms. When it comes down to creating for other people and signing up for art shows and all that good stuff, no one tells you but its stressful! But these opportunities are just ways for you to prove to yourself that you can truly do anything and everything. Also remember you don’t have to sign up for contests, art shows and create commission pieces to be certified as an amazing artist, you don’t need these qualifications to be an artist. If you create, you’re an artist and it’s as simple as that. Just remember to take your time with everything, and truly trust the process!”

- Rupinder Kainth

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