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What are Popped Water Lily Seeds?

What are Popped Water Lily Seeds and why are these the next new big snack in the food industry? Not only are these a healthier alternative to other processed snacks like chips, they are also filled with more protein, antioxidants, amino acids and suit many dietary needs. However, how did this popular snack come to be? Keep reading to learn more.

To put it simply, popped water lily seeds are popcorn made from water lily seeds rather than corn kernels. These have a crunch similar to popcorn, but differ in taste. 

What’s the confusion with all the names? Popped Water Lily seeds are prominently found in Bihar, India, where they are more commonly referred to as Phool Makhana. Other common names you may see or hear of are Gorgon Nuts or Fox Nuts. These are all different names for the seed that are harvested from Euryale ferox, a type of water lily plant. Lotus seeds are often a name used as well, however the lotus seed comes from a different plant than the euryale ferox, which is why it is not the direct translation for Phool Makhana or a synonym to Water Lily Seeds.  

Popped Water Lily Seeds Arise N' Go Process Pond To Hand Canada Snack

The euryale ferox seeds are hand harvested from ponds and are sorted and cleaned. The seeds are in hard shells which then get popped (like popcorn) over high heat. The final popped form (what you see in our pictures and packaging) is what expands out of the shell. 

So why are they popping up now? Lily seeds are a minimally processed whole food snack that is never fried, but rather roasted! This differentiates the snack-making process from other resource-intensive snack manufacturing processes, but it contributes to the integrity and healthiness of lily seeds. Popped Water Lily Seeds have actually been satisfying people for hundreds of years! Not only do they serve as a yummy snack, but they have also been known to have been used as a part of Indian and Chinese medicinal practices, due to all the great health properties. Lily seeds are a staple ingredient in Indian Ayurvedic practices making it an ethno-medicinal plant. Ayurveda is a healthy-lifestyle practice that has been used for centuries in India to maintain good health and prevent diseases. The properties of the euryale ferox plant have been used to treat diabetes, chronic diarrhoea and liver dysfunctioning to name a few.

Additionally, they are also gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, nut-free, and vegan, not only a great option for those with dietary restrictions, but a great taste too! Lily seeds are often referred to as naturally organic because of the pesticide and fertilizer free wetlands that the seeds are harvested and cultivated in. Moreover, compared to other essential amino acid packed foods, the raw seed form of the euryale ferox ranks the highest on the index at 93.63% compared to soybeans (85.59%) and rice (82.88%).  

Popped water lily seeds are used in a variety of dishes. They are enjoyed in traditional sweet indian dishes, used as salad toppings to replace croutons, and even a great healthy additive to smoothies. 

So, what is the future of Popped Water Lily Seeds? With the snacks rising in popularity in the snack and food industries, it is no wonder that they are in such high demand now! Ranging in a variety of flavours, Popped Lily Water Seeds are a perfect snack if you are looking to spice up your pantry!