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About Us


Our Story

As undergraduate students with a background in Kinesiology and passion to pursue entrepreneurship, we simply began by planting a seed to do “something” with our time. With no expectations in mind, we decided to venture out to the resources available around us and explore in our spare time. With our passion and commitment, our attachment grew to the seed we had planted; we began brainstorming ideas.

Three years of studying Kinesiology cultivated us to look at life as a glass half full and understand that there is always room to improve and do better. Not only do we live by this message, but we also wanted to spread it to others. This idea slowly budded into ARISE N’ GO, a healthy snack which allows people to do better when it comes to snacking.

This product holds a close place to our hearts and makes us feel closer to our Indian roots. We understand the power of this seed, as it united our purpose and passion together. 

We were a seed not too long ago, but within a couple months we have bloomed and reached many milestones and with your support we aim to reach many more!


Our Values

Arise n' Go aims to uplift and empower individuals to live a happy, and harmonious life as they work towards becoming the best version of themselves!



Want to learn about our initative to facilitate harmony and authenticity all around us? Check out our blogs.