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Our Ingredients

Popped Water Lily Seeds

Popped Water Lily Seeds, more popularly known as Phool Makhana or Fox Nuts in different parts of the world are ancient seeds that have been around for centuries. With a strong Asian descent, and immense medicinal values, these seeds are a fundamental ingredient in many asian households as well as Ayurvedic medicine.

Popped Water Lily Seeds are found at the bottom of shallow bodies of water, mostly commonly in the region of Bihar, India. The cultivation process of these seeds is very sustainable. They are hand harvested, and naturally dried which means less water is used during cultivation compared to many other common grains (e.g corn). After the drying proccess, these seeds are puffed (popped) through a roasting process with no oil used at all.

Pond to Hand


Makhana has been extensively used in Indian and Chinese medicine, to prevent diseases and maintain good health. They have high nutritional value, and are a perfect alternative to the highly processed options available today. Makhana are naturally low in calories, high in fibre and essential amino acids, making them one of the best plant based protein sources! Compared to popcorn these seeds have 67% less fat, 20% fewer calories and 50% more protein. Due to the low sodium, low cholesterol, and high magnesium content, they are great for those with high blood pressure. Additionally, the low glycemic index of Makhana makes it a healthy snacking option for diabetics, and well for anyone! In fact, according to Ayurvedic medicine, Makhana in one's diet may actually maintain healthy levels of blood pressure levels and blood sugar. And to top that off, they are also: Gluten free, Corn free, Nut free, Vegan, Soy free. 

#MindfulSnacking is what we are all about, so we made sure to create the perfect snack that accommodates everyone and their dietary needs!